About colin.

Driven with a passion to positively impact the world, Colin focuses on projects and initiatives connected to energy, renewable technology and software for good. Colin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Dalhousie University and studied international business in Sweden at the University of Jonkoping. With experience in corporate development from Evergreen Canada, Colin built partnerships with companies to showcase products and services onsite at Evergreen Brick Works. He continued to build his business savvy as a consultant at Canadian Tire, on the business sustainability team within the corporate strategy function. On the team he assessed opportunities for energy and waste reduction initiatives to generate revenue and identify efficiencies. While Colin continues his efforts to bring worthwhile projects to life, he also consultants at GreenSaver alongside utility companies to help consumers and businesses be more energy efficient and navigate incentive programs across Ontario.

Colin enjoys working with designer, engineers and creative people to bring ideas to life. He’s a born problem solver who knows the best solution is found from truly understanding the problem, asking the right questions, doing the research, and engaging the right people. Colin has a knack for engages people and achieving milestones to succeed.

To learn more about Colin, connect with him on LinkedIn, or reach out here.